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A culinary journey through an amazing Caribbean Country.
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Tour Highlights

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Interaction with Cuban People

Creative Travel, Inc's tour of Cuba is through a licensed program with the Department of Treasury. Creative Travel, Inc's tour takes people on an amazing journey through Cuba to see the people, the sights and of course sample some amazing food.

We meet with some amazing people through our journey including a group of young adults who are studying to be in Culinary Arts through the Habana Culinary School. We meet with another group of young people who are in a special project to learn hospitality and culinary education among many other interactive encounters.

We bring to these young adults kitchen utensiles and other culinary supplies and the other group blank white t-shirts and other school type supplies..

Small Group Experience

Creative Travel, Inc takes you to Cuba from Miami or Tampa Bay for a true interactive experience in smaller groups of 6, 8, 10, 12 up to 15 people. You have a truely unique perspective and opportunities to see the best places.

Because we take smaller groups, we stay and some of the best hotels permitted under the guidelines set by the US Government. We go to some of the best restaurant that could never have larger groups eat there. With smaller groups you have more personalized service. .

Even with smaller groups are prices are the most competitive in the industry. We offer a fantastic program for a more reasonable price without having to go with a larger group.

Food Experience

Our legal trips to Cuba from the USA take you on a culinary experience throughout Cuba. Depending on the itinerary you choose, we have developed a program that takes you to a variety of different places to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

We take you to a variety of private restaurants converted from private homes; an outdoor garden experience; cooking school demonstartion and meal; an organic garden with a fresh lunch; a unique farmer's home experience and more.

While food may be the central theme, this tour will take you on a journey for all of your senses.

Experience History

Our trips take you to a land that seems to have forgotten time. From old cars, to old cities and architecture we take you to some of the best locations to see some very unique sights and learn how they affected the culture of Cuba.

Cuba has changed. Learn how things were in the past, how they have evolved into today's society and what the future hold for this tiny nation.


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A small group of 7 travelers went to Cuba in March '13 along with Bob Older, owner of Creative Travel Inc. Our trip was wonderfully planned with a variety of activities & many various types of eateries. Bob was knowledgeable & imparted much information to us. He was also fun to be with as he has a great sense of humor. Travelling with a small group was great as we could go into many places and move quickly. Bob varied the activities and arranged for rides... Read the rest...

Sandra N from Boynton Beach, FL

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At the beginning of December 2012 I decided to surprise my husband and 4 daughters with a private trip to Cuba as a special gift for my husband's birthday. I researched the various limited options of the licensed People-to-People tour operators and found that many were over priced and were also inflexible as far as dates etc. However, when I spoke to Bob at Creative Travel he immediately offered to try to make my dates work and at a great price. Read the rest...

Eva S - Austin, TX